The situation with the coronavirus pandemic is changing day-by-day, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest advice on social distancing and self-isolation.

The Christian Connection communities span seven countries, and advice may differ depending on where you are, so you should always follow the latest government advice.

You can also stay updated on the very latest global news and advice at the World Health Organisation website.

We published a blog post on 13th March with advice on how to keep connecting and dating, but in most places it is not currently advised to meet someone new face to face. Instead, you may want to follow our guide on how to set up a virtual video date.

There are other ways to stay connected during the lockdown. Discover 4 new ways to connect on Christian Connection. Or take a look at our advice on how to make virtual connections whilst at a distance.

We’ve seen activity on the site increase in recent days, as more people work from home and have extra time on their hands. We are grateful for our small but dedicated team who keep Christian Connection running. We are set up to work remotely and continue to be available on the usual channels if you need any help or support.

We will continue to find ways to keep people connecting and matching over the coming weeks and months.

Remember to always follow our date-safe advice, even when connecting online.