How do I log in?
To log in to your Christian Connection account, enter your email address on the log in page. We will send you an email containing a unique link that lets you complete your log in. There is no need to enter a password.

How is it secure?
Provided your email account is secure, only you can access your emails and click the uniquely coded link that we have sent to you. The link can only be used once, and is valid only for a limited time period.

It's a bit annoying. How does it protect my account?
It helps protect you from phishing scams, where you are tricked into entering your password on a fake site. It also protects your account from access if your password was leaked on another site and you use the same password on Christian Connection.

You should only need to go through the email process once in a while. If you find your browser asks you to log in every time you use Christian Connection, ensure that you are not using a "private browsing" mode, and that cookies are enabled.

How long will I be logged in for?
Your browser will keep you logged into the site for one year from the time you press the link in the email—unless you log out manually. If you share your computer with other people, we recommend that you log out after you finish using the site.

Can I still log in with my password?
Yes, you can log in with your username and password by entering your username on the log in screen.

Do I still need my password?
Yes, for now there is still a password on your account. For added security, we recommend that you change it to something long and random. 

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