Crafting a great profile is an art form and yet if you spend a bit of time and thought, it could make the difference between getting that all‑important first email or wave.

If you do nothing else, do this:

  • Upload a profile photo

    We cannot stress this enough! Your profile is there to help others who don’t yet know you, feel comfortable communicating with you. To do that, it must give them a reliable sense of who you are and what you’re all about. A faceless profile is not very reassuring. To receive better responses, do both of you a favour and post a picture. Read more photo tips

  • Complete your profile in full

    A half completed profile gives off a bad impression. Take a small amount of time to give some thoughtful answers, it can pay dividends.

Our Top Tips

  • Be yourself

    The most important thing is to just relax and be yourself. How would your friends describe you? Write like you talk. Remember it’s not a job application! Don’t worry about getting it perfect at first, just make a start; you can tweak later.

  • Be authentic

    People want to get to know the real you! Are you a socialite or do you prefer an in depth chat with a close friend? Are you people or task focussed? Do you always arrive on time or are you a bit more laid back?

  • Be positive

    Tell us what you’re passionate about. What gives you energy? When are you at your best? Try not to talk about past relationships and negative relationship experiences. It may have helped shaped you, but your profile may not be the best place for this.
  • Be concise

    Keep your opening statement short and catchy to draw people in. Read over your profile to see where you can edit and simplify.

  • Include trivial details

    Be specific and mention things you might not think are important. For example rather than saying “I enjoy spending time with family”, try “Every summer I host a barbecue for my extended family. My BBQ chicken recipe is famous.” Don't just say something that anyone could say about themselves. Tell your story!