With the Christian Connection website you can develop online friendships with people you might never have met otherwise.

Once you have been messaging new friends for awhile you may decide that you would like to meet each other in person. Even as Christians meeting other Christians it is sensible to take common sense precautions with your arrangements.

  1. Before you agree to meet it is a good idea to have established a regular correspondence. Remember the more you know about the person before you meet, the better time you are likely to have when you do meet.
  2. Tell a friend or relative where you are going, what time you are meeting and when you expect to return home.
  3. Arrange your own transport to and from the meeting. Don't accept offers of a lift from your new friend.
  4. Set a time limit for your first meeting, keeping it short. Meet in a public place, perhaps lunch or tea in a cafe. Check in advance the opening days and times of your chosen meeting venue.
  5. Do not invite him/her to your home on the first meeting, or visit them at their home.
  6. Do not divulge personal details too early. Information like your home address, place of work and so on are best kept to yourself until you feel absolutely secure about sharing them. Remember that many email addresses contain someone's full name. If you do not wish to give this information out when emailing off the site, you might wish to consider setting up an email account which does not include your full name.
  7. Go with your instincts. If the meeting is not going well and you are feeling uncomfortable make your excuses and leave politely.
  8. You are under no obligation to meet people in person. If you are not sure or it doesn't feel right to you, don't.