Everyone is welcome on Christian Connection, and while we understand that some members will have preferences about who they'd like to meet, we ask our members to remain open, tolerant and accepting.

While we do offer the option to search for members who match your preferences using our advanced search filters on the site, it's not possible to block members of any ethnicity from contacting you.

You can choose the age range of members you'd like to be visible to in your profile and settings page, but this may not completely prevent anyone older or younger from getting in touch.

If you're contacted by someone you don't feel would be a match, you are able to reply using our polite 'no thanks' template. You can also choose not to reply, or you can use our block feature if there is a specific member of the site you'd rather not be contacted by. 

Above all, please remain kind and respectful, even if you're not interested in making a connection.