Your profile photo is the first thing people will see on your profile, so we recommend taking some time to pick a photo that represents you well. 

80% of dating site members are unlikely to contact somebody without a profile picture, so while we know it can be a bit step to put yourself out there, it's one we highly recommend you take. If you're unsure what kind of photo to use, or what isn't allowed, just check our tips below.

Photos to use:

  • Clear photos which show your face. A head and shoulders close up is ideal.
  • Photos in which you're smiling often get more clicks!
  • Photos of holidays or activities can be a great talking point.
  • Photos which show the real you.

Photos to avoid:

  • We don't accept photos that include nudity or partial clothing. This includes shirtless photos and beach wear.
  • We also don't accept photos of the back or side of your head, photos in silhouette or which are too blurry or distant. We want to know who you are!
  • Your photo should show you as you are now. Make sure to update it if it's a few years old, or if you've changed your appearance significantly.
  • Avoid photos that have been filtered to the extent that they no longer look like you. Make sure you'd be recognisable with or without any filter used. 
  • Don't upload sexual or violent imagery.
  • Make sure there's no personal information, such as your full name, social media handle or other contact details in your photo.
  • Please don't include children in your main profile photo.

We carry out randomised 'selfie checks' to make sure photos are a good representation of our members.

Try and make sure you're at the centre of your photo for the best results when you upload it. Make sure to check how your photo looks when viewing your profile, and select the 'edit photo' option and then 'crop square version' to update it if you're not at the centre of your image.

Having problems uploading a photo?

Email your photo to us at including your username on the site and we should be able to assist.