BT are rejecting notification emails from Christian Connection. We have spoken to BT about this, and Christian Connection complies with their guidelines, but unfortunately our emails sent to BT email addresses still get returned to us.

This is a common problem affecting many services, not just Christian Connection. However, you may not be aware that this is happening, as other services may not be notifing you that their emails to you are bouncing.

Unfortunately there isn't anything more we can do. Please contact BT directly yourself ( explaining the problem. You may want to use the following as a template:

I am currently not receiving emails from the Christian Connection service, as they are being marked as SPAM and then returned (smtp; 554 Message rejected Your message looks like SPAM or has been reported as SPAM please read

The developers at Christian Connection ( have confirmed that they are following the bulk sender guidelines, have SPF, DKIM, and DMARC set up as suggested. They send all their emails through a dedicated IP address and are not seeing any error messages in their DMARC reports.

Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.

Alternatively, you may wish to choose an email provider with a more sophisticated and flexible approach to spam, such as: