If you've been advised that your Christian Connection account has been permanently closed, this means that we've found it was in violation of our Terms and Conditions.

We're dedicated to keeping our community safe and welcoming for everyone, ensuring our platform remains a positive, tolerant and friendly space. This means we're committed to upholding our conditions of use with care.

An account would only be banned after a careful review by experienced, senior moderators. In many cases warnings are sent prior to any decision to ban and will only go ahead if these are not observed.

Can you give me the exact reason for my ban?

We aren't usually able to provide an exact reason for a ban. We understand that not having specific information behind the decision may be frustrating, but please be aware that there may be a variety of contributing factors.

We also have a legal obligation under data protection legislation to protect the privacy of our members and the information we hold.

We cannot respond to emails requesting ban reasons, and ban reasons are not included in data access requests.

What are the most common reasons for an account to be banned?

  • False or misleading information in profiles. 
  • Negative or insulting comments in profiles or messages.
  • Sexual or sexually suggestive comments or images in profiles or messages, including messages sent via other platforms to people you've met via Christian Connection.
  • Inappropriate or bad behaviour in person.
  • Making any form of identity-based slur or using hate speech.
  • Spamming members with messages or profile comments if they haven't replied, or have let you know they don't wish to take things further.
  • Creating multiple accounts on the site.
  • Repeatedly including personal details such as your full name, address or contact details in your profile.
  • Sending messages promoting goods, services, events or commercial enterprises, or asking for money.
  • Being married (and not separated) or in a committed relationship.
  • Issuing a chargeback rather than contacting us regarding your subscription.
  • Any form of illegal activity.

We will also remove profiles of anyone who is found to be under 18, accounts that have been inactive for a long time (we'll send you a warning first!), anyone who indicates they are not Christian, and anyone who lives outside the countries we operate in.

This isn't a comprehensive list. You can find more reasons for an account to be banned in our Terms and Conditions.

Can I appeal my ban?

If you do not believe your account has violated our terms, you can appeal a ban by emailing our support team. We will review your appeal and will reply if the appeal is accepted and your account is reinstated, or if we need further information. Please note that we cannot provide a ban reason when you appeal.

Can I create a new account?

Bans on Christian Connection are permanent. You will not be able to create a new account or reopen your old one.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you subscribed via the website, your subscription will have been cancelled and refunded by our team. Please allow 5 - 7 working days for any refund to show in your account. 

If you subscribed via the Apple app, please remember to cancel your subscription directly via your Apple ID.