In order to protect members on the site (as well as ourselves), the Terms and Conditions allow Christian Connection to close accounts, or refuse membership at our discretion. Below are some of the reasons we may give a warning to a member or immediately close their account:

  • Misrepresentations on their account details, their profile or through the messages they send. This may include misrepresentations about age, gender, email address, surname or postcode.
  • If they're under 18 or do not live in United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore or Hong Kong.
  • Attacking or undermining the traditions of other members on the site, directly or indirectly.
  • Behaving in an offensive, disruptive, or criminal way either on or off the site.
  • Inactivity for months (they'll be sent a notification email first).
  • Failure to observe the Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.

Please note, if membership is terminated for any of the above reasons, membership fees may be non-refundable.