We understand that many people may join a dating site hoping to find someone with specific qualities and attributes. We offer several search filters to help our members find the right person for them, but we do ask that you don't add preferences to your profile if they might cause offence.

In particular, we ask members not to include racial or ethnic preferences in their profiles, or preferences which exclude any specific group or community.

We also ask that members be respectful towards people of another race, culture, or any other specific group.

We find our members have the best success seeking a partner if their profiles are positive and inclusive, without negative or exclusionary comments. Many of our successful couples tell us they found love with someone they'd never have expected.

If you're contacted by someone you don't feel would be a match, we recommend responding with our polite 'no thanks' template. You can choose not to reply, or if there is a specific member of the site you'd rather not be contacted by.

Above all, please remain kind and respectful, even if you're not interested in making a connection.