We want to ensure all our members have a positive, friendly and above all, safe experience on Christian Connection. That means we have some important ground rules regarding what you can and can't do.
For a full rundown, we encourage you to check our terms and conditions, but here's a quick guide to the 'don'ts' when using the site.

Your profile

Keep your profile positive and respectful. Remember, you'll always find better connections by sharing what you love rather than what you hate. 
  • Please ensure your profile is honest and accurate about who you are, including details such as your age and marital status.
  • Avoid making negative statements about other individuals or groups. You can state your opinions, but avoid insulting those who don't share them.
  • Please don't state preferences if they may be hurtful, such as preferences which exclude specific groups or identities.  
  • Don't upload sexual or violent content or use offensive language in your profile text.
  • Don't include your full name, address, offsite contact details or other identifying details in your profile.

Your messages

Not everyone you come across will be to your liking. If you're contacted by someone who isn't a good match, you can opt not to reply or, even better, send one of our polite pre-set messages to let them know. Our rules for appropriate behaviour apply to messages sent through our mailbox and messages or conversations on any other platform if they involve someone you met on Christian Connection.
  • Sending messages containing any form of hate speech, identity-based slur or making comments which attack someone's views or values won't be tolerated.
  • All forms of bullying, mocking, harassment or intimidation aren't permitted. This can include repeatedly messaging someone who hasn't replied.
  • Please don't make overly personal comments about someone's physical appearance, whether they're intended to be positive or negative.
  • Starting a conversation with sexual or suggestive comments or trying to steer conversations that way without the other person's consent isn't okay. Nor is sending any form of explicit picture.
  • Only contact members you think you might be interested in connecting with. This means you shouldn't message someone you disagree with to criticise their views or try to persuade or preach to them.
  • Don't send contact details until you have received at least one positive response from the other person. This could be a like or wave. If someone asks to chat via the site, don't pressure them for offsite details.
  • Don't send messages that promote goods, services, or events or ask for or offer any financial services.
  • Don't report someone who hasn't replied to you. False reports are against our terms, so if you're making a report, be prepared to provide information to help us investigate.
  • If someone tells you they don't think you're a match, respect this and don't continue to message them. There will be many other people on the site who are happy to chat!

Your Photos

You can opt not to share a photo, but profiles with an honest, clear picture of you are shown to get the best response.
  • Don't post a main profile photo that shows too much or not enough of you.
  • We don't accept photos that include nudity or partial clothing. This includes shirtless photos and beach wear.
  • We also don't accept photos of the back or side of your head. We want to know who you are!
  • Avoid photos that have been filtered to the extent that they no longer look like you.
  • Don't upload sexual or violent imagery.
  • Please don't include children in your main profile photo.

In Person

Communication is key when you're meeting someone for the first time. Make sure you agree on a public place to meet (don't invite someone you don't know to your home) and ensure both of you are clear on matters such as : where to go, what you'll be doing, and whether you'll be paying for yourself or if someone wants to make it their treat.
  • Always treat the person you're meeting respectfully.
  • Respect each other's boundaries. If someone says they don't want to be intimate at any point, take a step back and don't try to change their mind.
  • Remember that all our expectations regarding acceptable language and conduct apply in all situations.
We will also remove profiles of anyone who is found to be under 18, accounts that have been inactive for a long time (we'll send you a warning first!) and anyone who lives outside the countries we operate in.
If you think someone you're talking to has broken one of these rules, please report them directly or write to us at the helpdesk, and our team will be happy to help.